Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gay Marriage

There is some talk over at The Atlantic about gay marriage and Mike Huckabee's appearance on Comedy Central. What no one talked about, and what pisses me off the most about the Right Wing opposition to gay marriage is the utter inconsistency with Right Wing arguments made in the 1980s about the perceived rampant sexual promiscuousness of gays. Now, when gays are saying they want the legal and social sexual limitations inherent in a marriage license, the Right Wing is saying no. So according to the Right, gays are too promiscuous, but when they want to put legal restrictions on the number of permissible sexual partners, they are trying to destroy our society. I say to the Right Wing - pick a side, dammit.


The Godmother said...

Promiscuity was never more than a side issue. The core issue, as many religious people see it, is that God despises homosexuality. To condone homosexuality at all, let alone to consider permitting gays to pretend to the holy state of matrimony, is untenable. So if gays are treading an unholy road in God's eyes, then it matters not whether they have only one or multiple partners in sin along the way. But you got me how they figure that traditional marriage is threatened by gay marriage.

Peter said...

Promisuity has become a side issue ever since gay marriage became a real possibility. The Right Wing figures traditional marriage is threatened by gay marriage becasue they are blinded by their own religion. For some reason, they cannot distinguish between CIVIL marriage and RELIGIOUS marriage. No one is going to make Pat Robertson preside over a marriage between Ellen DeGeneres and DeRossi. But the Right Wing can't get past the idea that the world ends at the church door.

Anonymous said...

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