Saturday, January 3, 2009

Explanation Please

Can someone, anyone, please tell me what the Hell is going on in Israel and Gaza? And why I should support or not support the Israeli invasion (incursion) into Gaza? And please, no "we haev to support Israel because of the special relationship between the US and Israel." And also, no "Israel is an aparthaid state." Look, Hamas was sending rockets into Israel, and you can be damn sure that any other country would go haywire if a neighboring country lobbed rockets onto its citizens indicriminately. But Israel seems to have an insatiable appetite for West Bank settlements. And why isn't Israel biting off its nose to spite its face by going into Gaza? I guarantee you that the world reaction will be overwhelmingly anti-Israel. More money will be funelled to Hamas, and any anti-Hamas sentiment in Gaza is officialy dead. Dammit, what is goign on? And what should a rational person do?

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Anonymous said...

You can't address the issue without addressing the fact that Israel IS an apartheid state. Like every other segregated state nothing can be resolved while segregation exists.

The conclusion in the pre-civil war south, post-civil war segregation, apartheid, french settlement in algeria, british segregation of kenya and zimbabwe, Russian and german ghettos all result in the same thing: a continuation of conflict until there is a ONE state solution. One man one vote and a removal of segregation.

Until then creating segregated states will only result in violence. It has done so in every case, including this country. The other possibility is mass transfers of populations such as the removal of Turks from Greece and vice versa this century, however, in the modern era this is considered a violation of human rights.