Monday, September 21, 2009

GOP Soft on Crime

First, I have a question for those who would have Eric Holder stop his investigation into whether any CIA interrogators violated the law. Tell me, is there anything a CIA interrogator could do to a prisoner that would justify prosecuting that interrogator? And if so, how would you find out if it was done?

Now to the rest of my point. The GOP has become ridiculously soft on crime. I have three examples (and there are more). First, the example mentioned above. Second, Scooter Libby. A man indicted by a Republican appointed US Attorney is convicted by a jury, but the GOP demands at least a commutation of his sentence, if not a full pardon. And finally, the amazing case of Ramos and Compean, two Border Patrol agents who shot a fleeing man in the back, and tried to cover it up. They then claimed that they thought he was a drug runner (which he actually was - but there was no evidence they knew it when they shot him). Again, the GOP demanded a commutation, or even a pardon. There are more examples in the recent and almost recent past, where the GOP wanted to ignore the rule of law (see, e.g., Elian Gonzalez and Terri Schiavo). So when did the GOP decide to ignore the rule of law?


The Godmother said...

GOP has company being concerned about CIA investigation. It is opposed by the last seven CIA directors, who served at the pleasure of both Dem & GOP presidents. GOP was wrong on Scooter Libby and the border guards, but then so were the Dem's lobbying for clemency for them -- and for, e.g., fmr IL Gov. Ryan. Both parties have been short-sighted and backed anti-rule-of-law positions, and both have tried to make political hay of their causes and undermine the opposition. Politics as usual.
But the CIA investigation is far beyond usual. With international repercussions at stake, it's crucial to weigh the issues carefully. The Administration is acutely aware of that, and I'm certain all angles were considered *before* the decision was taken. The GOP absolutely should assert its contrary position, and the two sides should engage in usufructory debate. And do let's maintain civility.

Anonymous said...

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