Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Enormous Scientific Electoral Fiasco

Here's what really bothers me: In a time of two wars, economic fragility and the basic complexities of the modern world, we are about to put into positions of power a political party that has little or no respect for rational, logical thought. It is a basic tenet of current conservative political thought that the more post-secondary education you have the worse it is. How many times have you heard GOP leaders of public opinion denigrate those elitists who dared to go to Ivy League schools. And God forbid we listen to those egghead academics about issues like climate change and tax cuts.

Just three and a half years ago, three of the GOP's leading Presidential candidates raised their hands at a primary debate to proudly announce they do not believe in evolution. And lest you think this has changed in the last four years or so, consider that one of those three has his own Fox News tv show, one might very well be the next Governor of Colorado, and the third is likely to be the next Governor of Kansas.

And the GOP Governor of Alaska said that whether the Earth is 6 Thousand or 6 Billion years old is a matter of speculation.

This is the party we are placing in power in the modern age; that is supposed to find solutions to complicated modern problems. But they can't even come to terms with the actual problems we face.

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The Chicagoan said...

A lot of this ignorance is based around the culture that these leaders grow up in, where education is not valued. Due to their lack of understanding of the economic and legislative advantages due to higher education, it creates a system of ignorant voters and representatives that see the core problem in our government as a failure to understand the people. The real failure is people who don't understand the government and vote representatives into office who aren't capable of seeing the complexities of modern government in a light that can produce solutions to problems.