Monday, August 20, 2007

Me Generally

Some background on my views. I am definitely left of center. I did not vote for George Bush, nor did I support the invasion of Iraq. I wake up on some days wondering whether my country is moving in entirely the wrong direction. But the current approval ratings of W give me hope. I am against the death penalty, although I recognize that it is constitutional. I believe in the strict separation of church and state (In other words, I was not horrified by the Pledge of Allegiance case). I am a believer in a social safety net within reason. I do not think we should measure the success of our society by its GNP. I love the Red Sox, which makes me something of a cynic. I am currently reading the biography of William Henry Harrison as the ninth installment of my project to read biographies of the Presidents in chronological order (Question: do I read two biographies of Grover Cleveland? Are there two biographies of Grover Cleveland?). I am also finishing up Bleak House by Charles Dickens. It has been a long hard slog - but I am pot committed, only 40 pages to go. More later . . .

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