Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where to Get News

In a comment below, Annie asks a good question. In this world of partisan "news" and metanews, where to go for information. I can only say where I go. First, I read the Washington Post Op-Ed page. Then I read articles I can find in there. I look to various blogs to link to interesting articles, usually Andrew Sullivan, The Plank, and The Corner. I think they all have interesting views of the war, and find very disparate reports.

It is very important, however, to know your source - so that you can gauge how big that grain of salt should be. It is very clear where Andrew, TNR and National Review are coming from. Other outlets are less obvious. Conservatives will point to the NYT, and they have a point. I have recently been intrigued by the musings of Bill Sammon over at the Examiner. Take a look at this hard hitting piece. (Note the sole source). And this. And look at this beauty. The first three paragraphs tell you all you need to know.

Democratic presidential candidates are straying further from centrist policies than their Republican counterparts, which could make it harder for them to win over moderates next year.
“On national security, they’ve definitely moved farther to the left,” said Democratic strategist Dan Gerstein, a former
aide to centrist Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the former Democrat who is now an independent. “And that’s troubling.”
By contrast, the Republican candidates have hewed more closely to the center, drawing criticism from some party
activists that they are not conservative enough. GOP front-runner Rudy Giuliani, for instance, supports abortion, gay rights and gun control.

Notice the Democratic strategist is a former aide to that reknowned liberal, Joseph Lieberman. And what the heck does he mean that the Republican candidates "have hewed more closely to the center.?" All I have seen is Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson try desparately to run away from their more moderate past views, and Rudy hasn't exactly been playing up his anti-gun, pro-choice, pro-gay rights views. Hell, the big issue has often been who has been more pro-life, and for how long.

Anyway, my point is - there is a ton of info out there. You just have to know who is supplying it and what that source is trying to make you think.

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