Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sean Hannity's Solution to the Health Insurance Crisis

Two days ago, I heard what might have been the dumbest thing Sean Hannity ever said (and I've heard him say a lot of dumb things). It demonstrates the Right Wing's problem with the health care issue. An unemployed, uninsured accountant called Hannity's radio show and complained that he needed prescription drugs that were too expensive. Hannity suggested the accountant look into various government and private programs, and the caller said he already had, but they were for people under the poverty level, and he was not yet that poor.

Mr. Hannity then recalled days from his youth when he was having trouble paying rent. His landlord had agreed to let him clean other properties in lieu of paying rent. Mr. Hannity suggested that his caller ask the pharmaceutical companies if they needed any accounting done in trade for the drugs he needs. That is his solution to the middle class not being able to afford health insurance - ask the drug companies for a job. Wow! Why didn't I think of that. Maybe an unemployed licensed teacher could offer to teach the Novartis executive's kids how to read. And maybe an unemployed GM factory worker could offer to build Pfizer a car. Brilliant, Mr Hannity, brilliant.