Monday, December 10, 2007

Why the GOP Will Stay Lily-White For A While

This post from Mark Krikorian over at the Corner tells you all you need to know about why the Republicans will have to wait at least a generation to get the Hispanic vote. Look at this gem:

What right does Jorge Ramos, one of Univision's anchors, have to moderate a debate for American citizens about the American presidential election? The man is a foreigner — I don't mean foreign-born, I mean a foreign citizen. As this profile explains, Ramos "maintains Mexican citizenship in order to have the option to return there one day." Ramos (a "minority" champion who's one of the whitest men I have ever seen) has written, among other books, No Borders: A Journalist's Search for Home and is an explicit cultural separatist; from a 2002 column (original here, Allan Wall's translation here):

"The famous and stereotypical idea of the melting pot is a myth. The European immigrants — Italians, Germans and Poles, that preceded the Latinos assimilated rapidly to the American culture. But the Latinos have achieved the feat of integrating economically to the United States without losing their culture. Such a phenomenon has never occurred before."

As Allan asks, "Would Mexico allow Lou Dobbs to moderate a debate for Mexican presidential candidates? Of course not."
What right does he have? I'll tell you what right, Mr. Krikorian - the right to ask candidates to attend and the right to ask them questions if they do. And would "Mexico allow Lou Dobbs to moderate a debate?" I don't know and I don't care. Is Mr. Krikorian suggesting that the United States not allow Mr. Ramos to have the debate? Should U.S. Marshals have stormed the building and stopped the debate?

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