Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is There An Editor In the House?

i don't read much of Dick Morris' work, as he is a political whore who cares more about selling books than he does engaging in actual intelligent discourse. But when I do, I usually can't make it through more than two or three paragraphs before getting bored. In any event, this post is not about Morris, it is about the so-called editors at The Hill, a respected Congressional newspaper. In his most recent column for the newspaper, Morris analyzes Hillary Clinton's strategy of pulling out of South Carolina prior to this Saturday's primary. One sentence jumped out at me:

Blacks in Nevada overwhelmingly backed Obama and will obviously do so again in South Carolina, no matter how loudly former President Clinton protests.
Blacks in Nevada are going to support Obama in SC? Is there a massive bus convoy from Las Vegas to Myrtle Beach? My rudimentary search found no non-stop flights from Reno or Vegas to Charleston. It is amazing that so many African-Americans in Nevada will spend the time and money it takes to get to South Carolina and break various election laws by voting twice.

I know, I know. we all know what Morris meant. But I don't care if you write dumbass things as much if you don't write like a dumbass.

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