Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Who Would They Want?

One significant problem for the Republicans this year is that they seem to hate all their potential standard bearers:

Mitt Romney - Mormon flip-flopper
Rudy Giuliani - Pro-gay, anti-gun, pro-choice
John McCain - weak on immigration, pro-campaign finance reform, weak on tax cuts
Mike Huckabee - unelectable, tax-hiking, big-spender
Fred Thompson - good on issues, but doesn't seem to care

So the question is: If Republicans could choose a candidate, who would it be? the only person I can think of is Newt Gingrich. Any other ideas?


DCCyclone said...

Actually, Newt, too, has problems: unelectable, blames America for global warming (seriously, but before you get carried away know that of course he wants market-based solutions for it).

By the way, Peter, can you guess who I am? :-)

Peter said...

Only an Iowa State fan could have such a title.