Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Health Care Fill In The Blank

Today, I heard Senator Coburn and his GOP compatriots discussing health care on the Senate floor, when the issue of Medicare came up. First, he argued that we cannot cut Medicare because it is too important to Senior Citizens. Second, he contended that Medicare is a good example of Government run health care driven into a financial ditch, and that we cannot have another expensive Government administered health care program that is as expensive and wasteful as Medicare. Saying we cannot reform Medicare while saying at the same time that Medicare is about to go bankrupt as it is currently configured is an example of _________.


Wellescent Health said...

It is hard to comprehend commentary from our representatives that promotes a do-nothing approach in situation where action is obviously required to prevent a failure of the system to meet its objectives. That is unless you want the system to fail so that you can blame its failure on its very design instead of being responsible for having actively destroyed it. This is certainly not the leadership that the country requires.

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