Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Unmitigated Gall! (And I'm Not Being Sarcastic)

There is nothing more galling than listening to the Right criticise Obama's Afghanistan strategy. Cheney actually said that it projected "weakness." Rove called it "isolationist." Cheney and Rove were key cogs in an administration that had 7 years to win the war in Afghanistan - and failed - leaving the mess for Obama. Now he tries a new strategy different than their demonstrably failed strategy, and they claim it is the wrong strategy to win. One question for them. If they know how to win, why didn't they do it 3 or 5 or 7 years ago? The Right's critique is so clearly political and without soul it is obscene.

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pammy said...

I don't really think they are considering their opinions in light of their past views. Frankly, I think they rarely gave deep consideration to their past views either. What comes to mind is "immaturity" - they used to rule the sandbox and grab whatever they wanted and now they have to play by the rules. Like an over-entitled child they have decided to sit in the corner with their arms crossed and pout. We shouldn't be surprised. These people have built a political philosophy around looking out for number one. On a national level that adds up to an attraction for extreme cathartic ideas and moments - bands play, numbers are high and unspecific, confetti falls, phrases are short. Citizens are asked to live in the present - shop and don't ask questions. Now we are being asked to consider, to be moderate, to take consequences into account and to accept (even embrace) compromises. The children are being asked to grow up.