Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Dubai (Our Ally)

Dubai, which George Bush has praised as an important ally in the "War on Terror," has an interesting deficiency in its criminal law. Apparently, in Dubai, there is no such thing as raping a man. The two men who are alleged to have raped a French 15-year old boy have been charged with "kidnapping with deceit and illicit sexual intercourse." I'm guessing that "illicit sexual intercourse" is Dubai's way of saying "homosexual act."

What this proves is that the realist vision, so adamantly rejected in the rhetoric of the current administration, that we will support immoral regimes so long as they are our immoral regimes is alive and well in the actions of the same administration.

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Philippe Duhart said...

What's that saying? "You can choose you're friends, but you can't choose allies in the War on Terror."