Monday, November 19, 2007

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

Over at the National Review, there is a lot of discussion of the push polls in NH an IA regarding Romney's Mormanism. Jim Geraghty doesn't think Romney planted the polls in order to make his opponents look bad. Instead, he has another theory:

The more I hear angry accusations from campaigns, and the more bad blood that is stirred, and the accusations that some campaigns employ bigoted arguments against a candidate, I start wondering... isn't this what some deep-pocketed Democrat would want to see in the GOP primary?
Ah yes. If there is a religious smear, it must be a Democrat. My guess is Soros. Republicans have too much class to pull a stunt like this.


PJ said...

Maine Republicans have a lot of class: In one State House campaign, the candidate's signs repeatedly disappeared from some spots and, magically, after election day and the time for signs to be removed and fines levied if not, they started to reappear!

PJ said...

PS Aren't political polls supposed to identify the poll sponsor?