Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Rant On Oprah

Well, Oprah is going to campaign for Obama. (Sounds like a David Letterman joke, no?) Is anyone else unmoved by the news? I will now admit to my one failing as an American. I don't like Oprah. I remember when Oprah first hit the national consciousness. She was just Phil Donahue without the political connections. Now she is some sort of spiritual icon for thousands or millions of people. From age 19, she has been in the TV business. (most if not all facts on Oprah's life from Wikipedia.) If years of TV news experience makes someone a spiritual icon, why aren't we all listening to Bill O'Reilly for Spiritual advice.

Also - what an ego! Even Martha Stewart doesn't put her own face on every edition of her magazine. But Oprah does. Anyway, I wish Oprah would go away and stop advising all of us on how to live. Do we really think she reached the level of fame she now has without stepping on the toes of some lower beings?

And the last (for now) reason to dislike Oprah - she brought us this.

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