Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great General, Great Prop

I have a great deal of respect for a General who takes on the incredibly difficult job of leading our troops in Iraq. And from all accounts, General Petraeus is a smart man who knows his history and tactics. I don't disagree that the ad is unwise and unwarranted. However, even ardent Petraeus supporters must admit that his appearances on Hugh Hewitt's talk show and Fox News make him fodder for political criticism. Petraeus should just have kept himself out of the policy-making debate and made his presentation. Instead he allowed himself to be used in the debate as a political prop. Does anyone think that General Petraeus chose Hugh Hewitt and Fox News on his own? As Andrew insinuates, this has Rove's (or his henchmen's) fingerprints all over it.

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Philippe Duhart said...

I think the whole idea was to get a man in uniform to sell the war, banking on the notion that Democrats won't dare question him too pointedly for fear of offending the militaristic sensibilities of the American public.

I'm glad to see that Dems did question his assertions, as did some Republicans. Unfortunately, it made me feel sorry for the poor General. He totally lacked the political skills necessary for his task.

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