Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sammon Swimming Upstream

A new discussion of Bill Sammon, "Senior White House Correspondent" for the Washington Examiner, and occasional Fox News analyst. Today, the Washington Post , the
New York Times, and even Sammon's past employer all report that the President (who, if Sammon was not aware, lives at the White House, where Sammon is a "Senior Correspondent") will definitely endorse the Petraeus plan on Thursday. So what does our intrepid correspondent report on? Hilary Clinton fundraising. Well, you say, he must have had the scoop earlier. But yesterday's column was about the ad regarding Petraeus. To be fair Sammon did report almost a week ago that President Bush might withdraw troops. But when it can be reported with certainty, Sammon is examining a liberal website and a Presidential Candidate's fundraising. Could it be that our hero is more interested in questioning liberal or Democratic actions than actually reporting on the White House?

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