Friday, September 14, 2007

Rigth Wing Morality vs. Right Wing Economics

Laura Ingraham has a new book which "provides a riotous, take-no-prisoners journey through our besieged culture and gives us a battle plan to re-make it anew, the way the Founders intended - strong, patriotic, pro-family, and unapologetically God-fearing." I haven't read it, and don't plan to. But I have heard her hawking the book recently, and it occurs to me - when did the Right Wing decide it didn't like the free market?

This morning (maybe lasty night) I heard Laura say that we need to stop the exportation of our crass culture or else Muslims in the Middle East will want to kill us (ok I am paraphrasing, but that was the gist). But isn't our popular culture actually a result of what people will watch and buy, in other words, of the free market? It is the market that guarantees that the highest rated TV shows are drek like Grey's Anantomy and Two and 1/2 Men. It is the market that makes Internet porn an incredibly lucrative business. Laura, the reason you are losing the "Culture Wars" is that Americans apparently like crap.

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Thomas Enever said...

To me it's surprising that someone on the right has made any type of acknowledgement that what we do is in anyway to blame for the situation we find ourselves facing in the Middle East. Of course, she is deliberately confusing media with foreign policy so she doesn't have to criticize the administration too strongly...

Why does she hate America?