Tuesday, August 4, 2009

GOP "Moderate" on Health Care

I was going to contact my Congressman, Mark Kirk, via phone to let him know I supported universal health coverage. But before I made the call, I saw him at the train station in Chicago, trying to elicit support for his Senate bid. Kirk is considered a moderate Republican by many. That is what made my encounter with him so surprising. I have already posted regarding my disgust with the GOP's claim that there is no Health Care problem in this country. But in my short conversation with Mr. Kirk I discovered a new tack - admit the problem but maintain there is no solution that is affordable. The conversation went something like this (I apologize to Mr. Kirk if I have not remembered everything word for word, but this is definitely the gist of the conversation:

Me: I know you won't like this but I encourage you to support Universal Health Care.

Kirk: I am on the other side of that issue.

Me: Why?

Kirk: I am against spending a trillion dollars on it.

Me: Well, what do you suggest we do about the problem?

Kirk: We can't afford it.

Me: Maybe we should give care to the working poor and take some of the cost by means-testing Medicare.

Kirk: I support Medicare.

Me: What about means-testing?

Kirk: I support Medicare.

Me: What about means-testing?

Kirk: I support Medicare [Ed. - He did say it three times].

Me: What about the kids who need health care?

Kirk: I voted for S-Chip.

Me: Good, I appreciate that.

What does this say about the GOP position on health care? One of the "moderates" in the party is now claiming that there is nothing we can do to solve the problem. I guess we should just let it go as it is. That is the modern GOP? Nothing good.

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