Sunday, August 23, 2009

A True Rant (Probably with typos)

This health care debate is pissing me off in so many ways. Let's try a few.

1. I am pissed off at the GOP telling everyone they should not trust the Democratic Health Care plan, and then use polls that show a large distrust of the Democratic plan as reason the plan should not pass.

2. I am pissed off at claims from the GOP that it is trying to keep health care safe from some third-party interefering in the decisions that should be made by a patient and his doctor. Have any of them had to ask for permission from an insurance company before getting some kind of care? It happens all the damn time.

3. I am pissed off at liberals who say that they will oppose any health care reform plan that does not iniclude the public option. Why? Because a small improvement in the current system is a worse thing than the status quo? What a load of hooie! If the legislation that is up for a vote makes even the smallest improvement - we should support it.

4. I am pissed off that the GOP continues to spew out the idea that Obama cannot guarantee that a person will be able to keep the insurance they currently have (one of the few true claims the GOP has been making) but that the status quo will allow it. Maybe it will in the shortest term. As health care prices skyrocket, employers will very possibly stop providing insurance, or, at least, stop providing the insurance plan an individual has had in the past and, instead, provide a cheaper, less popular plan.

More ranting later.

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