Monday, August 24, 2009

Rant Cont.

Another group pissing me off are the "elderly" upset that someone other than themselves might get Government provided health insurance. How selfish is it to say you deserve something. but refuse to let anyone else have it? God forbid some part-tiome WalMart worker with two kids should have the same health care opportunities as Sam Walton had. He might have been a billionaire, but he was old. So the Government should give him opportunities that the guy cleaining the floors in one of Sam's stores does not have.

And do you notice that the same people rejecting counseling on end-of-life care were the folks passing legislation in an attempt to make such a decision for Terri Schiavo? Maybe if Terri had had some counseling before her illness, she would have written her desires down and we could have avoided the circus her death became. Why are we so scared to talk of the fact that some people might not want to live hooked up to a machine, and that it would be nice to have some facts provided to them? Just today David Freddoso, a hard core social conservative expressed horror at this pamphlet. OMG!!! Someone might actually learn what various diseases can do to you and plan ahead for various contigincies.

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