Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Mission Statement

For the life of this blog, I have thought I should be trying to teach people something about what they might find interesting. And then I would be disappointed when no one seemed to be reading. My wife recently said she was reading, and was interested in what I had to say in my blog. Tha is when it occurred to me. A blog is a basically narcissitic exercise. I will now write about anythign I damn well please. Will I link to other web sites? When I feel like it. Will I blog about ridiculous crap? Why the hell not? In other words, I am taking control of my blog as a reflection of my mind, which I think is pretty damn interesting. Ego? You bet your ass!


Amy said...

You go, Ego-Man!

Trish Vanstory said...

THAT's what I'm sayin'. Recognize it for the ego exercise it is, and then share it with us proudly! (And I read every bit you post with interest, btw.)

Peter Carey said...

I"m reading your ridiculous crap! Crap away!

Pete Carey
(where I feed my ego...)

Anonymous said...

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